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Warning Smart Phone Apps Can Copy Your Keys


You can have the highest quality locks but still be at a major security risk – and not even realize it. If you don’t have any additional security features built into your locks and someone has secretly made a copy of your key, they will easily be able to gain access to your home or business.

Sure, you probably already account for the copies of keys that you’ve made over time. If you operate a business and let go of an employee, you likely have procedures in place to ensure they don’t have access to the building again (such as re-coring the main entrance). But while you can control for keys that you are aware of, did you realize that it has become so easy to make a copy of a key that all you need is a smartphone and a clear view?

That’s right – there are apps on phones that allow someone to make a copy of a key. All they need to do is snap a few pictures and send them to an online key smith; then, within a few days, they can have a copy of your key. Since smartphones have become a normal facet of everyday life, imagine how easy it would be for a thief to take pictures of your key when you leave them by themselves for just a moment.

Restricted keys

Luckily, there is a solution: Restricted keys. These are keys that can only be made through the original key smith (or other party that you must personally authorize). These keys are specially designed to be extremely difficult to duplicate without having the original template for the key, which is owned only by the original key smith or factory that generated it.

Additionally, using a warning written on the key, only you or other people who you list as authorized copiers will be allowed to make copies of it. If someone unauthorized attempts to make a copy of a restricted key at a reputable key smith, they will be turned away – and depending on the key smith, reported to the original key maker.

You place locks on doors for a reason – to keep out unwanted people from entering your home or businesses. Why not make sure you’ve done everything to make sure your keys are secure as well? That’s why we make restricted keys here at Accurate Security & Lock Corp. Email us or call us today at (847) 854-9077 to order yours – before it’s too late.

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