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Restricted Keys

Restricted Keys

Your Business having trouble keeping employees from duplicating door keys. That’s a security risk from all those unauthorized keys. Accurate Security has a solution for you. Key control or, more accurately, the lack of key control, is one of the biggest security threats that businesses face.

Not having a patent controlled key system leads to unauthorized key duplication, which leads to employee theft or theft by someone who has been given an improperly duplicated key. Most key-control systems utilize patented keys and or cylinders. Because they are patented, only factory-authorized professional locksmiths can duplicate the keys.

The key blanks and lock cylinders are made available only to those factory-authorized professional locksmiths. The control can be at the locksmith dealer level, at the distributor level, or at the manufacturer level. All high-security key-control systems require specific permission to have keys originated or duplicated. With those procedures in place, the building owner or facilities manager will always know who has keys and how many. If an employee leaves and you get the keys back, you can be reasonably assured that no copies of your keys are floating around.

Don’t presume a key is safe from duplication simply because the key is stamped “do not duplicate.” There are more than 1 million places in the US where keys are copied; there is no legal ban on any of those places from duplicated a key stamped “do not duplicate.” Accurate Security specializes in key control master keying, restricted keys. We carry: Schlage Primus, Kaba preferred, many others.

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